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Fleshy Girls - Are You Happy With Your Bra Size?

Measure Your Breasts and Bra Size.

Finding a bra that is fits well is a simple, but time-consuming task. By following these steps, you should not only be able to find one that fits, but is comfortable as well.

Determine what kind of bra you want. Do you want one that is padded for an extra boost? Or underwire for extra support? What about a sports bra for any athletic activities? Once you have decided what kind of bra or bras you want, you're ready for the next step.

Go to the store. This is something that cannot be done online. Once you know the brand(s) you like, then you can purchase them via the internet, but for now, you'll need to leave the house.

Pick up a variety of bras in your size and pre-determined style and put them in your cart or basket. Don't worry about how much they cost or even the color right now, just toss 'em in. This method will assure you have a number of different brands that you like.

Put one on with the clasp on the loosest fitting. Bras have a tendency to get looser as time goes on due to washing and wearing, so by trying it on this way you'll make sure it will last longer.

Check for the following:

• Is the band around your chest snug or roomy? You should be able to run your fingers around under the edge of the fabric, but if you can pull it away from your back by more than a couple of inches, it's too loose.

• Do the underwires or the edges of the cups dig in to your breasts? If your breasts are bulging out of the sides or over the top of the cups, then you need a bigger cup size.

• Do the straps weigh down on your shoulders? You will most likely need to adjust the shoulder straps, but if you need to make them very tight before the bra feels supportive, the band size is probably too big.

• Does the middle of the bra sit flat against your chest? The centre gore of the bra, between the cups, should always be firmly against your body. If it is being pushed away from you, then you need a bigger cup size and a smaller back size.

• Bend over. No, you don't have to touch your toes, but if your breasts are falling out, then the bra doesn't fit. Either the cups are too small, or the band is too big, or both.

• Put your arms above your head. The bra should neither ride up nor pinch at this point. If the band slips, try a smaller size. If it cuts in, it's too tight.

• Twist left to right at the waist. Your bra should stay firmly in place and not slip as you move.

Repeat these steps until you have tried on all of the bras. Make sure you keep the ones that fit separate from the ones that don't!

Finally, Purchase the bra or bras that make you happy!

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